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As far back as I can remember, I was already trying to eat as healthy as possible. At first, it was mostly as a result of my social and environmental conscience, however, over time I appreciated the benefits on my health and well-being.

Not so long ago, I was mainly concerned with what I put into my body rather than what I was putting on my body. Following a diagnosis of keratosis (pre-cancer) on my skin, I began to investigate the subject more thoroughly. Aided by Alain Renaud, founder of DRUIDE Laboratories, my sister an aesthetician and Manon Pilon, specialist in the field of skin care, I realized the magnitude of the problem.

Thanks to a lot of research on the subject, and two years of hard work by passionate and competent people, we can now present you with a safe, 100% non-toxic organic skin care line.


BIO LOVE - Products

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